Welcome to my blog; a learning process


This blog has been set up as part of a university class I am taking called ECMP 355.  I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Education degree.  In this class I will learn about the numerous uses of technology in education and hopefully become a little more tech savvy.  Technology is extremely important in our world today.  Children today are comfortable with technology and they love to use it.  It is part of our world.  Students want to know about it, to use it, to be engaged by it, and to be entertained by it.  As such, technology becomes a valuable and necessary tool in the classroom.  Teachers need to stay in touch with students and parents, access information, share information, record data, and teach students – plus numerous other things.  To assume a teacher does not need to know about technology in today’s world would be a statement of ignorance and education is NOT about ignorance.  Let the journey begin!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog; a learning process

  1. I love the quote/picture! It is the honest truth. We are so worried about technology replacing the “old fashion” way of doing things but we as teachers need to keep up with our students. We are going to be teaching the generation that learned how to operate an iPhone at the young age of one year old!
    Great blog Julie very easy on the eye!


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