Module 1 Reflection


I must admit, I entered this class with a bit of a bad attitude.  I was deathly afraid of the amount of time I would have to commit to this class.  With four kids, a husband, numerous commitments, and 4 other full time university classes, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  That coupled with the fact that the first on-line meet was the same day as my twins 10th birthday meant I missed orientation.  While the instructor assured me it was not necessary, as long as I kept up after orientation, I still had apprehension about starting off on the wrong foot.  Had I known I only needed to be on-line for 10 minutes that first day, I could have made it work.  We could have breaked early from our tea party while I logged in.  Even tea parties need to get with the times!

Copy of IMG_6954 Copy of IMG_6944 Copy of IMG_6917

Fast forward through the WordPress experience, and I would have to say module 1 wasn’t half bad.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised about enjoying the blog experience.  I love numerous blogs and am a huge fan of some bloggers.  I love ideas, I love being creative, and I love people who turn their ideas into action.  That pretty much describes most bloggers.  I dream about my sister and I spending the evening with Emily Henderson in one of her amazingly decorated spaces.  She would give us fantastic ideas to decorate our houses, and in the end decide we were so cool she would come over with a big budget for a magazine shoot and help us get the job done.  Bloggers are inspiring.  They are real people and they are passionate about what they do.  I have honestly had 100 ideas for blog posts and now I know how to do it!

Yet, with a basic understanding of blogging under my belt, I still know I haven’t even scratched the surface as far as what is out there in the world of technology.  Other Edtech things I read about this week I would like to better understand and be able to utilize are adaptive learning, course management system, digital storytelling, the ideal electronic classroom, gamification, online lab, personalized learning, and the virtual classroom.

There were a few learning curves this week.  Thanks, Google and YouTube.  These two provided several useful (and useless) solutions.  Sifting through information is a technological skill in it’s self!

One hurdle I spent a lot of time on was adding pictures to a post.  They ended up in funny places!?  I ended up finding a very helpful blog about blogging, which explained the need of adding HTML tables to posts in order to align pictures in text attractively.  It worked for this post with the birthday party pictures above. (yay)  However, if you see my “About Me” page, (growl) I was unable to find a way to align pictures randomly around the text.  I’ll be trying to solve this one in the near future.  I also need to get a handle on widgets.  So far they make me feel like an idget!

Most hurdles were best met through trial and error, which are typically the best learning experiences because they are memorable and build confidence.  Being fearless to try new things and explore, while using technology is indeed key to my learning experience.  I’m not saying I won’t panic at some point in this class, I’m just saying I’ll be less reluctant to start a task and will trust that I will learn as I go.


4 thoughts on “Module 1 Reflection

  1. Key statements I love!
    “Even tea parties need to get with the times!”
    ” Thanks, Google and YouTube. These two provided several useful (and useless) solutions. Sifting through information is a technological skill in it’s self!”
    “I also need to get a handle on widgets. So far they make me feel like an idget!”

    Congrats on learning to embed pics!!! Well Done!


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