How to Use Google Scholar – My 1st Screencast


For my fellow classmates there is good news; Google Scholar is much easier to use than the university library website.  I hope this video helps you navigate around in it.


8 thoughts on “How to Use Google Scholar – My 1st Screencast

  1. Jules!
    What a great tutorial on Google Scholar. I have used Google Scholar a few times before but had no idea about that specific search engine that you pointed out. That will sure be helpful in finding EXACTLY what I am looking for. Your voice was clear and at a perfect volume the whole time. It was very easy to follow. Thank you for that. The rest of your blog is lookin pretty good! It shows who are you are completely! Thanks for sharing Jules. Keep on keepin’ on!


  2. Hey I am just stopping by to check out your tutorial video because I was interested in how easy Google Scholar was to use. I think you explained it very well, and I can see how this makes searching for articles so much easier!


  3. Julie, I love the witty comments in the beginning as well as your “accent”. I did not realize you had an accent ;). I found you video to be very helpful especially for us university students. Many of us do not have much experience with using Google Scholar and after watching your video I found I had learnt useful information. I did not realize that in Google Scholar we had the option to add that we were students and that we could also add in which university we were apart of. I know when I am on the computer looking up information and someone else goes to use the computer my work sometimes is not there. I find it very useful that they have the option for us to be able to save are articles that we were reading. This way we can leave the article alone and then come back to it later on. I also found it useful that we are able to see how many different people cited that article. I found that was useful because I know if I was looking at an article and not many people were citing it I may possibly not use that information. I have not used Google Scholar very much and was just curious if you have used it much in your previous papers and if you found it to be successful in what you were searching for? Great video Julie!!


  4. I loved your tutorial Julie! As always you’re entertaining. I really liked how we can sign in with our U of R accounts, as well as save citations or add articles to our personal libraries. It’s a great tool that I will be using for our papers. Thanks for figuring it out for me!


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