The 8 Essential Tools for a Paperless Classroom


I’m not 100% sure that 100% paperless is the way to go, but I really like some of the ideas here and could see how they would be super fun in a classroom.

I especially like the possibilities of SOCRATIVE and CLASS DOJO.

I am posting these so I can become more familiar with them later on.  Comment if you have used any and tell me which ones you like/dislike.

Paperless classroom


2 thoughts on “The 8 Essential Tools for a Paperless Classroom

  1. I have used Class Dojo Julie and it is super neat! I will definitely use it in my classroom one day. Amy over at Wagner uses it in her grade 5 class and she introduced me to it. I totally agree with being borderline of being 100% paperless, it is handy although I fear it technology may backfire on us all one day! A good ole paper copy kicking around never hurts!


  2. Thanks for responding, Shaunee. I didn’t want to spend the time learning all these new things without knowing whether or not they were useful. Time is a precious commodity. However, now that I know Dojo is useful, I will check it out. Thanks.


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