Week 2 Reflection


Unfortunately, I can’t gloat about how my attitude has improved this week and how I have had a technological epiphany.  It just didn’t happen.  Did I have proud moments and moments of intense frustration? Yes.  Did I learned anything this week?  Yep, I learned how to create a survey, how to screen cast, how to navigate Google Scholar, how to upload to YouTube, how to install updated Java, and how to not blow a vessel in my brain when the stress of learning online becomes overwhelming.

I am driving my mother-in-law to appointments this coming week as part of her journey with breast cancer, so I need to have everything done a week before it is due because there will be no extra time this week.  The requirements of this class, or perhaps my inability to do anything quickly in this class, is VERY stressful.  I am trying to keep things running smoothly at home; feed my people, keep my house above pig sty status, delegate jobs to family members, give my children some of my time occasionally, complete assignments in other classes, get my kids to guitar, wrestling, guides, and sparks, and successfully complete this module!  I feel like I am failing in all avenues.  My fear of this class taking up considerable time was accurate.

Thankfully, we have a 7 hour per week screen limit in our house and my children plan on enforcing it next week.  “You know mom, you have spent waaayyy more than 7 hours in front of a screen this week, and it isn’t fair.  We are going to start keeping track next week.”



I do believe I will emerge from this busyness with useful information.  However, considering I really like the blogging part, there might be some belly-aching along the way!  (and a few more Maxine cartoons!)

Bernadette sent me an interesting document she was working on as part of her Google Apps homework this week.  I will definitely be checking out her blog when she has her tutorial posted as the sample she sent me appeared to be very useful for teachers.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else in my class has been up to this week.

I’ll try and end on a positive note by saying, I really enjoyed interacting with peers online and reading their posts, comments, reading responses, and “about me” sections.

This sums up my week nicely:

 BEFORE:Nervous Wreck




I feel smarter, and I guess that is the point!


4 thoughts on “Week 2 Reflection

  1. That about sums it Julie! Excellent job in explaining the different roles we take on while tackling our online computer class. It hasn’t been easy and I’m surprised that we are still SANE!
    I like the cartoons they really put a lot of emphasis on your reflections.


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