Here is my ECMP experience for February 16, 2015!


I am supposed to be painting a house in town today, because I do not have time when we are in school, but… I stayed home all morning because I committed to meeting on-line at 1:00.  I was on the Google document when my group realized we needed to also be on Google hangouts.  I plugged in my headset, checked the sound and watched my screen for my invite.  My internet crashed.  WE WILL DEFINITELY BE SWITCHING FROM XPLORENET IF ANYONE IS AWARE OF ANOTHER PROVIDER, LET ME KNOW.  My kids and husband have been on the internet ALL morning and it didn’t go down once!  I have now tried twice in this class to interact on-line and twice my internet has crashed 1/2 way through.

When I regained internet, the girls in my group told me I need a gmail account.  SERIOUSLY!?  I DO NOT want another email account.

I got a gmail account.

My internet crashed.

Happy family day!  I’m trying not to have a tantrum in front of my kids and will spend the rest of the day trying to recover from my bad mood.  On the bright side, I guess this class is helpful.  Someday I’ll have to resist the urge to have a tantrum in my classroom as well.  At least I won’t be required to spend time doing things that could be done in an easier way and take half the time!

The things I feared most about this class are proving to be true.  I was worried it would cause immense amounts of frustration, and rob me, my family, and my other responsibilities of mass amounts of time.

April 16th can not come soon enough.  To see how many days are left until the end of class check out my calendar countdown at the bottom of my blog by clicking on the gray triangle with the plus sign.

Have a great day!

Blogging is therapeutic, I feel slightly less angry than when I first started typing.  There’s pros and cons in every experience.


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