Remember Why You Started In The First Place,… and Keep Going.


Inspiration from my friend and colleague, Rubyann.  It’s good to stop, breathe, reflect, and put it all in perspective.


I read this quote one day, posted on a classroom door, “Remember why you started,…” I remember thinking: “I know why I started – I want to make a difference,” So, I chose to pursue a career in teaching. I feel that education is the very foundation of society that changes lives.

When I first started this program, I believe I was expecting something different – something easier. I may have had some preconceived notions that this would be simple – do the four years, and get your degree. I realize now that it is not like that at all – assignments, computers, programs, fees, bills, work, and so on. There are times when I feel like it may be too much, like as if somethings got to give.

Then, I noticed that I tell myself, “No, you can’t quit.” This is a part of life –  Your life

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