Module 5 Reflection


I am reflecting before I write my reading response because I found so many useful resources this week that I was really excited about.  Most of my reading response will come from the innovative principal in this video:


The BYOD articles our instructor, Milissa posted for us to read are great.  However, I found so many others articles that also sparked my interest and appealed to my learning style, that I wanted to share them.  I debated in my own mind about whether or not this was the scope of our assignments for this week or not.  At this point I had a bit of a revelation; an “ah-ha” moment.  This is EXACTLY the reason why we need to encourage technological learning through BYOD.  As a self-professed skimmer, I skimmed the readings we were given, latched onto the 2 that interested me most, and then began exploring the topic on my own.  I found some good stuff and now I am excited to share it.  That my friends is called ENGAGEMENT!  I learned something, became excited about it, and now I want to share the resources that helped me learn.  I can picture an excited 11 year old telling the class what he/she found and becoming the teacher as they pull up the information on the classroom smart board.  How empowering is that for this student?  Perhaps this new 11 year old teacher will cover a couple of my other outcomes and indicators in the process.  – HOORAY!

Here is some additional info I found that taught me more about BYOD and got me thinking.

This is an easy to read, pro and con list of BYOD that contains links to other BYOD articles.
Learning on-line becomes a bunny trail, you hop here, and hop there, enticed by your individuals interests.  It makes learning relevant to individuals.
Click on the picture below to go to the article.

byod in education, pros and cons of byod in school, school wireless network design, wifi service providers,

The K-12 Blueprint website has many great readings (including the lengthy one we were given from Alberta).  It has case studies, ideas to get started using BYOD, and a teacher readiness checklist, which I thought was good.

I came across 100 things when searching for ideas for the learning module, I have yet to design.  Here are some of the learning tools I found so far that could be implemented into a lesson plan.

Allows people to create flowcharts, venn diagrams, mind maps, and various other charts and diagrams which can be shared or worked on collaboratively.

Works the way you do

Jeopardy Labs:
Allows teachers to create a jeopardy game about a topic in any curriculum area as a way to assess what students have learned.  It would be a great pre-test tool.


Edmondo and Moodle:
I do not know much about these, but I signed up for Edmondo so I can explore it a bit.  It looks like an on-line classroom for teachers and students.  They can log in, do assignments, check marks, collaborate, and …?  I don’t know what else.  I’m learning about it, but it did say in one article it becomes an addictive useful tools for teachers!

Give teachers the tools to educate students in their classrooms with Edmodo.

I hope some of my fellow classmates post tools ideas/links like these as I could use a few more ideas for my lesson plan.

Please post links, videos, aps, etc. you have come across that you will one day use in a classroom in the comments section at the bottom of my Treasure Trove page, so I can continue to grow my resources.  Collaboration is the name of the teaching game.



Update on my final project:  I have begun ripping newspaper, looking for tutorials, gathering fabric and accessories to decorate the sculpture, and have stocked up on balloons.  I plan on tackling the project during the Easter break.


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