TIM – Technology Integration Matrix


Here is a good Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and TIM Tools Introduction

TIM is a helpful website that helps teachers understand where they are at as far as technology integration in their classroom goes, and it offers many resources and lesson plans that would help them effectively use more technology in the classroom.  I found many great ideas on this site.

In one grade seven class, each student was able to measure their own carbon footprint and compare to the carbon footprint of a child in another country.  They could also understand things they could do, action they could take, to reduce their carbon footprint.
Another classroom used probeware to discover acids an bases.  The students were given a solution that represented sick stomach.  The added Tums to the solution and watched instantaneously on their screens as the acidity level decreased.
The thought I was left with was “it is possible to do lessons without technology, but if you can do them better with technology, why wouldn’t you use it?

Wow, an epiphany!  (I think this is what I have been trying to say all along.)

Julie’s conclusion to the whole matter concerning ECMP:

  The 3 most important points for future teachers are:

1. Technology is a tool, not an outcome.
2. Technology is most useful when it enhances an already good lesson.
3. Technology enables collaboration and shares/facilitates learning on a global scale.

To me these are the 3 good reasons to use technology which also allows for reasons not to use technology.  These, along with TIM and Bloom’s, will be my personal reminders when I integrate technology into my classroom.


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