Resource Exploration


After scanning the huge list of teacher resources found in this document , I have to say there is so much I do not yet know about what is available.  I can see the value of collaborating for new reasons!  I want to talk to teachers who are in the class everyday and find out which ones they use, which they find helpful, and which they do not find to be practical.

Perhaps, if I skip over to the , I could find an expert teacher who is a whiz with technology and follow them as they steer me through the sea of technological ambiguity.  I explored this tool and can see how it could be extremely fun for students and teachers alike.  All people have different interests and what could be better than learning about your interest from an expert or becoming the expert yourself.  I love the idea of letting students be the experts and I think this site could be a platform for that.  It also assists learning which is kind of the point of teaching!  Win-win.

I will confess that I have had Dropbox Dropbox on my computer for a very long time and have never used it.  However, as a result of this class, we have had a few discussions at the college and one of my colleagues loves using it.  It sounds similar to Google Drive.  She says it is super easy to use.  I think I will explore this further in the future.

I am curious about sites such as, Khan AcademyEdmodo, and Socrative to name a few.  I think there are many more sites like this that I am unaware of.  From what I understand, they kind of all do the same thing by allowing teachers to engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. They often operate through real time questioning so teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. They seem to be organization tools, a way to share class and individual information, a way to asses, a way to  communicate with students, and I’m not sure what else is possible with these tool.  I feel they are something I definitely want to explore further.  I think something like this would be helpful but many questions remain.  How do I choose which one is best for me and my classroom?  How do I find one that is user friendly?  Will I have time to make use of this tool?  Is there a lot to learn as far as setting my class up on it?  Is it a huge undertaking?  Obviously I have a lot yet to learn.  (The more I think about it, the more I think I will check if anyone knows at the   this summer.)

A teacher one of my clollegues spoke with says she uses  ClassDojo  and really likes it.  I admire this teacher and think she does a good job in her classroom, so I will definitely be exploring this further.

Essentially, I want to use technology, but I can’t state at this time what because I want to talk to experienced teachers and get feedback on what they like and don’t like.  From there, I would like to gain some confidence in using these tools in my own classroom.  Once I am confident using technological tools in the classroom, I can see myself becoming a trendsetter.  I will get hooked and with my addictive personality, I will be using things in ways they were meant to be and not meant to be used.  Being creative with things is my gift, but I need to be comfortable and confident before the creative juices can begin to flow.

After all my nattering about moderation in previous modules, I will add collaboration to moderation.  I think it is equally as important.

ECMP355 = Moderation & Collaboration

(I feel like if I had more time I could turn this into a rhyming rap – it would be a teacher groaner alert for sure!)  Keep posted it could happen.


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