The Grand Finale


Next to learning how to play a recorder in music, I feared this class.

I have never taken an online class and the rumor was that it takes up more of your time than all other classes combined.  It is not a rumor.  There were moments of rage (rant alert post) and moments of jubilation (recall the sexy super geek). I learned how to do many things that I never envisioned myself doing such as creating a survey, a screen cast, and signing up for and using Twitter.  Honestly, the most important thing I learned from this class is this: not be afraid, but to dive in head first with the confidence that I can and will learn.  I will not fear technology going forward.  Technological tools are created to be user friendly.  I also learned that if I do not know I can find out.  Experts are only a click away which was very evident on the Twitter chats.


I still believe this to be true:

and as such, I know I will be using technology in the classroom.  It is a requirement of our day and age.  I don’t want to be deemed ignorant by future generations.

However, I also do not want to lose sight of what is most important.  To me that is human relationships.  Remember your favorite teacher?  Meaningful interactions made the difference, and it can not take place through a device.  Can the learning, networking, organization, and communication be assisted by technology?  It absolutely should be.  They key is moderation.

I blogged a lot about moderation in previous modules, I will add collaboration to moderation.  I think it is equally as important to teaching and classrooms.  Another big idea for me!

ECMP355 = Moderation & Collaboration

I hope my future classroom is able to provide access to technology for all students so that the future generations I am working with will be optimally prepared for their future.

Below are some excerpts from my blog that I think sum up my learning.

The 3 most important points for future teachers are:

1. Technology is a tool, not an outcome.
2. Technology is most useful when it enhances an already good lesson.
3. Technology enables collaboration and shares/facilitates learning on a global scale.

All professions are impacted by technology and the ones we consider to be most cutting edge are those who are using the latest technology.  I need to keep current.  What a great example of life-long learning.

I can ask students to teach me new things.  This is a good example of flipped learning which has the ability to empower students and create classroom community.

To not take advantage of these tools would be down right stupid!  However, to teach and interact in a classroom using only technology is equally as stupid.  We are educating social beings who need to develop a strong sense of self and the value of interacting with others.

Thanks to our instructor Milissa and my fellow classmates for enriching this experience.


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