Module 5 Reading Response

I’m going to start this week’s reading responses by sharing my favorite quotes that I came across during this module.

“Are teachers teaching for yesterday or for tomorrow?” – a student

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay

“Kids often defy expectations if you give them the opportunity” – Shelley Write

“The questions of ‘how do you use a device in the classroom?’ becomes ‘how do you not?'” – article mentioned below

“Learning is complex work and like other forms of skilled and technical work it requires that the person performing the job understand and be comfortable with his or her tool set.”- Alberta Teacher

“To inspire meaningful change, you must make a connection to the heart before you can make a connection to the mind.”

Most of these quotes were found in this video.  Good Stuff!


Okaayyy, that was a video and this is supposed to be a reading response!?  Well, in defensive of myself, this is an ECMP class, a “get with the times” class, so I just did.  Learning online can be very distracting.

Now where was I?  Oh yeah… reading.

Why Bother with BYOD

The standout message in this article was “the questions of ‘how do you use a device in the classroom?’ becomes ‘how do you not?'”  Believe me, there is nothing I would like more than too ignore this whole digital trend and stick with what I know.  I tend to be nostalgic.  However, I am also realistic, and pretending we can ignore technology in this day and age would be like sticking your head in the sand, which even if you are an ostrich, is not an educated move.  This is our world, like it or not, and these students can only be optimally prepared for their future when technology is part of the plan.  Technology is their nostalgia.
Think about it, to kids growing up in the 60-70’s, teachers who still strapped were very uncool.  Now, teachers who do not use technology are very uncool.  Students are our customers and while I do not believe they should be brats who always get what they want, we need to respect their learning styles and meet them half way.  Welcome to the 21st century!

Does this mean we throw caution to the wind and get rid of the things that have worked in the education setting for decades?  No.  It is just another tool we use, another thing we add.  I believe a teacher’s job is to prepare students to be successful in the world; to be successful in the societal system that has been established.  Now success can be measured in numerous ways, but I think it is safe to say that students who are competent in technology use will have an advantage.  I also believe that children who can practice self control and put their phones down, will also have an advantage.  In one of my posts I went on and on about moderation.  My stance hasn’t changed.

This is a huge article that is very informative.  I want to keep this link as a resource, because it has a lot of good points and important considerations.  It lays out the “how” and helps set parameters around the BYOD concept.  It has a sections about school readiness, which gives insight into the things that need to be considered before jumping in to BYOD with 2 feet.

Does all of this scare me?  A bit.  Technology changes so fast.  There is lots to learn and I am already starting out behind.  I do not have extra time to learn all this stuff.  It seems like one more task for teachers to do.  Pretty soon we will be driving school buses, too!  Mrs. Frizzle becomes Mrs. Frazzle!  However, we are committed to being lifelong learners, so we might as well start by learning something that has the ability to save us time, generate ideas, engage students, and keep us off the “very uncool” list!



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