I just made a new Voki. See it here:

Tech Tasks


UPDATE: Voki does not work as most of you have figured out.  My Voki was fantastic.  However, there is no longer any audio to accompany my lovely little Elsa character.  Here is what she said: (imagine it is being said in a cute English accent) 

“So, what do I think about the Matrix?  Well, if we were talking about Keanu Reeves in The Matrix movie, I would need much longer than 60 seconds to talk.  However, (said howeva w/ an accent) when it comes to TIM matrix, it is simple.  The technology integration matrix is a tool that helps teachers know how to use technology in the classroom.  The website has a lot of great lesson plan ideas I will be using as resources once I have my own classroom.  Remember, it is important we do not become frozen in time.  Pun intended.  We do not want to be the dinosaur in the classroom. 
Yours truly, Elsa.”