Tech Tasks

The Grand Finale

Next to learning how to play a recorder in music, I feared this class.

I have never taken an online class and the rumor was that it takes up more of your time than all other classes combined.  It is not a rumor.  There were moments of rage (rant alert post) and moments of jubilation (recall the sexy super geek). I learned how to do many things that I never envisioned myself doing such as creating a survey, a screen cast, and signing up for and using Twitter.  Honestly, the most important thing I learned from this class is this: not be afraid, but to dive in head first with the confidence that I can and will learn.  I will not fear technology going forward.  Technological tools are created to be user friendly.  I also learned that if I do not know I can find out.  Experts are only a click away which was very evident on the Twitter chats.


I still believe this to be true:

and as such, I know I will be using technology in the classroom.  It is a requirement of our day and age.  I don’t want to be deemed ignorant by future generations.

However, I also do not want to lose sight of what is most important.  To me that is human relationships.  Remember your favorite teacher?  Meaningful interactions made the difference, and it can not take place through a device.  Can the learning, networking, organization, and communication be assisted by technology?  It absolutely should be.  They key is moderation.

I blogged a lot about moderation in previous modules, I will add collaboration to moderation.  I think it is equally as important to teaching and classrooms.  Another big idea for me!

ECMP355 = Moderation & Collaboration

I hope my future classroom is able to provide access to technology for all students so that the future generations I am working with will be optimally prepared for their future.

Below are some excerpts from my blog that I think sum up my learning.

The 3 most important points for future teachers are:

1. Technology is a tool, not an outcome.
2. Technology is most useful when it enhances an already good lesson.
3. Technology enables collaboration and shares/facilitates learning on a global scale.

All professions are impacted by technology and the ones we consider to be most cutting edge are those who are using the latest technology.  I need to keep current.  What a great example of life-long learning.

I can ask students to teach me new things.  This is a good example of flipped learning which has the ability to empower students and create classroom community.

To not take advantage of these tools would be down right stupid!  However, to teach and interact in a classroom using only technology is equally as stupid.  We are educating social beings who need to develop a strong sense of self and the value of interacting with others.

Thanks to our instructor Milissa and my fellow classmates for enriching this experience.


Module 6 Tech Task – Create a Rubric to Accompany an Curricular Outcome

Curricular Outcome:

English Language Arts Grade 3:  CC3.4 – Write to communicate ideas, information, and experiences pertaining to a topic by creating easy-to-follow writing (including a short report, a procedure, a letter, a story, a short script, and a poem) with a clear purpose, correct paragraph structure, and interesting detail.


Letter-Writing : To the Minister of Education

Sentences & Paragraphs
Sentences and paragraphs are complete, well-constructed and of varied structure.
All sentences are complete and well-constructed (no fragments, no run-ons). Paragraphing is generally done well.
Most sentences are complete and well-constructed. Paragraphing needs some work.
Many sentence fragments or run-on sentences OR paragraphing needs lots of work.
Grammar & spelling (conventions)
Writer makes no errors in grammar or spelling.
Writer makes 1-2 errors in grammar and/or spelling.
Writer makes 3-4 errors in grammar and/or spelling
Writer makes more than 4 errors in grammar and/or spelling.
Ideas were expressed in a clear and organized fashion. It was easy to figure out what the letter was about.
Ideas were expressed in a pretty clear manner, but the organization could have been better.
Ideas were somewhat organized, but were not very clear. It took more than one reading to figure out what the letter was about.
The letter seemed to be a collection of unrelated sentences. It was very difficult to figure out what the letter was about.
Letter is neatly hand-written, clean, not wrinkled, and is easy to read with no distracting error corrections. It was done with pride.
Letter is fairly neatly hand-written, relatively clean and not wrinkled. It is easy to read with no distracting error corrections. It was done with care.
Letter is hard to read and is crumpled or slightly stained. It may have 1-2 distracting error corrections. It was done with some care.
Letter is nearly impossible to read and looks like it has been shoved in a pocket or locker. It may have several distracting error corrections. It looks like it was done in a hurry or stored improperly.
Complies with all the requirements for a friendly letter.
Complies with almost all the requirements for a friendly letter.
Complies with several of the requirements for a friendly letter.
Complies with less than 75% of the requirements for a friendly letter.
Complete, accurate return address and recipient address. Addresses in correct position and properly capitalized and punctuated.
Complete, accurate return address and recipient address. Address position may be slightly off, and there may be the odd capitalization and punctuation error.
1-2 errors in return address. Recipient address is correct. Positioning, capitalization, and punctuation contains 2-4 errors.
Addresses are incomplete and/or inaccurate. Positioning, capitalization, and punctuation are mostly incorrect.

Module 6 Tech Task – Create a Voki about TIM

Click on the link below to access my Voki.

UPDATE: Voki does not work as most of you have figured out.  My Voki was fantastic, however, there is no longer any audio to accompany my lovely little Elsa character.  Here is what she said: (imagine it is being said a cute English accent) 

“So, what do I think about the Matrix?  Well, if we were talking about Keanu Reeves in The Matrix movie, I would need much longer than 60 seconds to talk.  However, (said howeva w/ an accent) when it comes to TIM matrix, it is simple.  The technology integration matrix is a tool that helps teachers know how to use technology in the classroom.  The website has a lot of great lesson plan ideas I will be using as resources once I have my own classroom.  Remember, it is important we do not become frozen in time.  Pun intended.  We do not want to be the dinosaur in the classroom. 
Yours truly, Elsa.” 

Module 5 Task – BYOD Learning Module

Grade 5 Science (introductory lesson for simple machines)

Outcome: FM5.2:  Investigate characteristics of simple machines, including levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, and wedges, for moving and lifting loads. [SI, TPS]

-Pose and refine testable questions about the operation of simple machines.
-Demonstrate how simple machines (e.g., hammer, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, ramp, splitting wedges, and scissors) act to reduce effort, increase the distance a load moves, and/or change the direction of an applied force.
-Demonstrate how the position of the fulcrum, the load, and the applied force differs for each of the three classes of levers.

Goals of this lesson:

  • to introduce you to simple machines.
  • to recognize the 6 simple machines and understand how they work. 
  • to understand the terms associated with this unit.
  • to think about how simple machines are used around us.


I am looking for you to have an understanding of the six simple machines, how they work, and be able to identify numerous simple machines that exist in our world.  The Google form, definitions sheet, and how well you do on the games, will indicated your comprehension as we learn.  If you need clarification on anything, ask.  I would like you and your partner to learn about one simple machine and teach it to the class as a culminating activity.

Keep in mind this will take several classes to complete.  We will decide later on, as a class, when we will do the presentations.  I will give you enough time, so don’t rush yourselves.

Okay, let get moving (pun intended)!

1. Find the personal device of your choice and make sure it is charged.
2. Check the smart board to see who your partner is.  (I used this random group selector to pick your partner for you.)

3. With your partner, watch this video on simple machines.  Make sure to use headphones or keep the volume down so you do not disturb other groups.

4. While you are watching, write down the 6 types of simple machines that are mentioned and any new vocabulary words mentioned in the video.

5. Fill out this form and send your results to me.  If you need additional information to answer the questions find an additional resource and share the link at the bottom of the form if it was helpful.

6. In this google document, add one new vocabulary word and define it.  Do not add a word that is already on the list, add a new word.  I will be using this list for your final exam.

7. Check out these 2 games.  Remember this is a learning task so be sure to read all the information as you complete tasks within the game.

  Ed Heads Game – Simple Machines

Twitch Game – Simple Machines

8. Watch this funny video and try to identify the different simple machines the pig uses to get the cookies.  This entire video is built on the concept of simple machines.

9. a. Choose one of the 6 simple machines we learned about and explain how it works.  There are 3 types of levers, make sure you indicate which type yours is if you choose a lever.  b. Present your simple machine as a video, a prezi, an oral presentation, a slideshow, or in any other way you feel adequately explains your simple machine.  It does not have to be long (10-15 minutes).  c. At the end of your presentation, tell how the pig in the previous video could use your simple machine to try and get the cookies off the fridge in the video.  You can be creative here!  d. You and your partner will also create a mini-exam for your fellow students (and your teacher) on Google forms.  Post the link to your question form at the bottom of this blog page.  Please try to come up with at least 5 good questions that indicate comprehension.  I will be using questions from each groups forms for your final exam.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Be sure to view our Module 4 Group Task which includes a lesson plan for grade 3 ELA.  * some fun online tools were used in the making of this lesson plan. 

 Form for our ECMP class lesson plans 

Be sure to view my Prezi about my online learning collaboration from Module 3!

Here is my wonderful group’s responses to the Google Doc questions.

Here is my very first screen cast teaching lucky viewers how to use Google Scholar.  I feel like such a scholar now!

This week, we have been asked to create a survey using Google Drive.  Here is my nonsensical survey aimed at my fellow students.  The data will not be used for anything.  (although I really would like a classroom with a window!)


11 thoughts on “Tech Tasks

  1. I am not sure how many will take your survey, but if you gather enough data to share some entertaining insights I would love for you to post the results of your survey.


  2. G’day Julie! You really had me intrigued using the different voices/tones, etc. I have used Google Scholar before, but I can honestly say I have learnt a lot watching your tutorial, there is so much more to it than I ever imagined. You were clear and made it really simple to follow as well as understand at a reasonable pace, anyone would be able to follow your tutorial while doing it themselves. I liked that you were loud enough to understand and kept it interesting, there is nothing worse than a video you can’t hear or are bored of watching, you just don’t learn anything. Great work Julie! Can’t wait to see what you teach us next 🙂


  3. You have done an excellent job of writing your lesson on simple machines at a grade 5 level. You have included activities that would be of interest to them and included relevant tips such as `make sure your device is charged` and ` even though it is a game, you must READ all the info.` Well done.


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